Smart Drive System

Multiple prevention technology for distraction, fatigue and collision.

SaveTrack has developed the Smart Drive System, a device that prevents long distance trucks and bus drivers from potential accidents, and uploads driving reports to a cloud platform that keeps track of driving behavior.


Lane departure detection

With and without lane markings on the asphalt.


Fatigue and drowsiness detection

Sensing facial gestures, expressions and eye position.


Proximity and collision risk detection

Register distance and relative speed.


Distraction detection

Register head and eye position.

Black Box

Black box

Risk events recording based on acelerometer's variations.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Our Smart Drive System is based on Savebox, which combines a display, a processing unit and a set of sensors for signal adquisition.

  • Road Sensor & Display

  • Processing Unit

  • Face Sensor

Connectivity at all time.

Our product offers a live administration tool on the cloud, where users can track in real-time position and driving behavior. SaveCloud features include:

Real Time Prevention Real time prevention alerts
Scoring Driving scoring
Statistics Driving Statistics
Fleet Fleet management


SaveTrack was founded by two companies with over 30 years of experience in the application of innovative technologies and business development.
Our human resources are one of the highlights for our development. We applied the latest research from universities in the US, Germany and Argentina in artificial vision technology.

We contribute to improve driving and reduce road accidents worldwide by constantly innovating through the implementation of new technologies applied to the field of security logistics companies and long-distance transport of passengers.


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